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Kirsi Kesaniemi is a natural horsemanship trainer and instructor. She has a unique ability to read horses and recognize their individual personalities. 

What is Natural Horsemanship? 

Natural Horsemanship is a practice of learning and understanding the nature of horses, their instincts, spirit, herd behavior, and the way they communicate naturally with each other. Then taking that knowledge and using it to learn to communicate with horses in their own language, while taking into consideration the horse’s needs. 

The goal of Natural Horsemanship is to build a trusting relationship between a horse and a human, where communication is a two way interaction and comes not only through physical aids, but from a deep-heart connection. 

This is the foundation that is essential for all equine disciplines. 

Kirsi specializes in helping people build stronger relationships with their horses by creating more trust and communication, and by helping people become better leaders for their horses.

Kirsi will share with you ideas, strategies, and techniques on how to build your horse’s confidence to a show level and beyond. She has a fun, positive, and encouraging approach to teaching. 

While training, Kirsi works closely with the owner of the horse. Her goal is to enable horse owners to become skilled and confident while taking an active part in the training of their horses.

Kirsi is originally from Finland and has studied horsemanship with several horsemanship masters from all over the world. Her own horsemanship journey has taken her from the show jumping arenas to Natural Horsemanship, and back. Kirsi is devoted to putting the relationship first with horses as well as her students. She also continues to pursue disciplines such as eventing and working equitation. Kirsi’s boundless quest for never-ending self improvement propels her to keep learning from as many great horsemen and horsewomen as possible. She also reminds herself daily to keep learning from each student and horse that she interacts with.

Kirsi's aspiration is to empower her students to learn to read and understand horses and to consider the world from the horse’s point of view. She encourages her students to become their own masters at building the dream relationship they are looking for with their horses.

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