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Kirsi is located in Boulder, CO

and offers Training, Horsemanship and Riding Lessons at your location or at Green Tree Equine Facility.  To book a lesson call Kirsi at (650) 307-0222

Do you want to:

✽ Deepen trust and refine communication with horses

✽ Become a better rider

✽ Solve Confidence Issues (Horse / Human)

✽ Learn how to have more fun with ground work

✽ Learn liberty training

Do you need:

✽ Under Saddle Foundation / Conditioning

✽ Foundation for any discipline

✽ Trail and/or Obstacle Training

✽ Behavioral Problem Solving

✽ Saddle Fitting Advice

Private Lessons with Your Own Horse at your location:  $60/Hour               (Travel fee for farther distances may apply)

Private Lessons with a lesson Horse at Green Tree:  $70/Hour                     (Limited availability for lesson horses)

Kirsi has a 24h cancellation policy!

Contact Kirsi:

(650) 307-0222

Ground skills 

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Working with horses on the ground builds communication, trust, confidence, and leadership. It also develops our own body awareness.

Our goal is to learn how to read the horse's body language, understand what he is telling us, and how to use our own body language to communicate and harmonize with our horse. Also to learn the unique characteristics of different horses and strategies on how to become a strong, fair leader for our horse based on kindness and communication. 

When a good connection and fluid communication is established on the ground it will evolve into a deeper bond, more-developed trust, and a more integrated riding experience. 

Free Rein  (Riding without contact.)

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Riding with free rein develops our body awareness and balance, thus we become better centered in our own bodies. Learning how to have a good independent seat creates fluidity and harmony with the horse. No contact teaches the horse responsibility and self-control. The horse will become more confident and relaxed. This combined with the bond and communication created on the ground can ultimately bring you to a place where two-way communication comes not only through physical aids, but from a deep-heart connection. 

Once we have mastered Free Rein, riding with contact, and eventually collection, will become a natural, effortless progression.     



Contact / Collection

If you can imagine riding with free rein as dancing without contact with your partner, then you can imagine riding with contact as dancing while holding hands. Much more intimate with a more subtle communication. Riding with contact is an important progression of free rein riding. Taught correctly contact teaches the horse to carry itself in a better posture which will increase the horses performance longevity. 

Collection is a progression of all of the above; Ground work, free rein riding and contact. Collection is an impulsion of a mentally, emotionally and physically balanced horse who understands and accepts contact as a refined way of communication.


Liberty is a test of the ultimate truth of our relationship with our horse. When the halter and a rope come off do we have enough trust and rapport with our horse for him/her to want to be with us and perform??? It will test our leadership as well as our emotional fitness to the fullest.

Once we achieve this state of being with our horse and the horse chooses us over the herd or food, there is no greater feeling in the world.


Each time a horse interacts with a human the horse is being trained. Horses are instinctual, intelligent animals who are full-faculty learners from birth. It takes only one to three repetitions for a horse to learn something new. 

Horses also learn to interact differently with different people. This is why it is important for the owner to be part of the training. Sometimes just by watching, other times interacting. 

Kirsi will find the horse’s natural talents to start with. She believes that training has to be a simple and enjoyable activity for the horse, as well as for the human. The better a horse performs simple everyday tasks, the better he or she will do everything else.


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