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"Kirsi has helped me so much with my horse.  She took me from a place of just using techniques to really being able to listen to what my horse is saying and seeing what he needs. We've taken him from being scared of so many things to being comfortable around so much more.  I've worked with lots of natural horsemanship trainers, and Kirsi's ability to read the horse is far beyond what most trainers offer. I'm very grateful for all I've learned working with Kirsi!”   -Rachel Stearns

"My horse and I worked with Kirsi for about 15 months.  She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, fun to work with and produced excellent results in both the horse and myself.  He went from being a fearful, easily spooked horse to being extremely friendly kind and steady in situations that would scare many horses.  I learned an enormous amount and now can do things I never thought I’d be able to do with this horse. 

At the beginning of our work, both the horse and I were fearful, untrusting and didn’t know a lot.  I was afraid to go in a pasture with horses.  The horse was hard to catch, generally uncertain about dealing with humans, and pretty spooky.  At the end of our work, he had become so easy to catch he almost puts the halter on himself.  He walks over, seems to be saying ,”hi, good to see you, lets go do things.”   He actually walks right over to me, gives me a lick with his big pink tongue, then lowers his head to better be petted and have his halter put on.  He is great at all of the basic groundwork and some more intermediate work. We began doing liberty work and Kirsi has left me with enough tools to continue on my own.  I would definitely have continued with her if she was still in Colorado. 

Kirsi is a wonderful trainer for both humans and horses, excellent at resolving problem horse issues as well as fearful human’s issues.”   -Diane Crawford

"Kirsi  was my trainer in Colorado at Heart and Soul Ranch when I first acquired my horse Scout. Her time with me was wonderful as Scout and I got to know each other. Her gentle instruction persuaded me as a timid rider to explore riding as a sweet and exciting venture between Scout and I. Kirsi had us doing things I had only dreamed about. I always felt safe with her and that allowed us to perform maneuvers that advanced us as a team. Kirsi has an innate knowledge of the natural horse and she can read his and my thoughts and movements as if by magic. I have now had five teachers and she is by far the best. Kirsi moved away from Colorado and Scout and I miss her.”   

-Susan Rixey

"Kirsi was our dream come true.  Horses can communicate volumes with the flick of an ear or tail and somehow Kirsi has this same extremely subtle, soft manner which let my horse know she was listening to him and he could express his opinion, while at the same time, she was a capable leader who wouldn't allow him to take over or ignore her.  We made so much progress with Kirsi and had so much fun!  Kirsi is simply wonderful!

My 14 year old gelding has a history of being very pushy on the ground and unwilling and stubborn in the saddle.  He has a lot of pain from arthritis in both hocks and a hind pastern and I think the only way previous owners could get him to perform was to use a lot of pressure.  By the time I got him, he was not interested in having much to do with humans.  I needed a trainer who could be very soft and quiet since my horse would tune out and ignore pressure.  But I also needed a trainer who could get his attention and help me set firm boundaries so I could stay safe.  In addition, I came to horse riding in my 40's with no prior experience and needed someone who could teach me at a level I could understand and not lose patience with me.”  -Julie Gunning

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